The perfect sound of a completely new generation of e-violins.

A remarkably authentic sound without any acoustic feedback.

Finally, you will be able to say: The Löffler e-string violin sounds just like the real thing!
But this is not the only feature that will make a violinist happy. Here are a few more:

  • patented electromagnetic pickup

  • the first true humbucker violin worldwide

  • no acoustic feedback, even on large stages and at high volume levels

  • full, saturated violin sound, rich in overtones

  • very quick, natural response handles like an acoustic violin

  • dynamic sound spectrum enabled by built in 18 combination processor

  • normal stop length, can be played by any classically trained violinist

  • made in Germany from materials of the highest quality, all handcrafted

Discover the possibilities in the sound samples on our website…and soon you will be playing the instrument yourself…

Awarded the Bavarian State Prize

In 2011 Wolfgang Löffler was awarded the Bavarian State Prize (Bayerischen Staatspreis) for his innovative invention.  Indeed, every single instrument warrants the mark of quality:  Made in Germany.

Logo der Auszeichnung "Bayerischer Staatspreis 2011"

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